The concepts behind AEM have been around for quite some time. While a lot has changed over the years, most of the basic ideas and theories are still valid. This article provides some background on the history of the product in general and may cause some flashback melancholy for those who still remember some of the UIs.

So, let’s start with some history and digging through the Internet Archive:

1993 Foundation of Day Software in Basel, Switzerland 1
Day Communiqué 1CGI scripts for Netscape Enterprise Server
1999Day Communiqué 2.0 (to 2.6)Standalone CMS, implemented in C
2002Day Communiqué 3.0 (to 3.5.6)Java web application with Content Bus storage
2005Day Communiqué 4.0 (to 4.2)Two different web applications: JCR/CRX + CQ
2008Day CQ 5.0Completely new system developed on top of an Apache Foundation software stack
2008Day CQ 5.1GA Press Release (Internet Archive)
2009Day CQ 5.2New advancements (Internet Archive)
2010Day CQ 5.3Release Notes Day / Adobe (both Internet Archive)
2010Acquisition by Adobe 2
2011Adobe CQ 5.4Release Notes (Internet Archive)
2012Adobe CQ 5.5Release Notes (Internet Archive)
2013AEM 5.6Release Notes (Internet Archive)
2014AEM 6.0Release Notes (Internet Archive)
2015AEM 6.1Release Notes (Internet Archive)
2016AEM 6.2Release Notes (Internet Archive)
2017AEM 6.3Release Notes (Internet Archive)
2018AEM 6.4Release Notes
2019AEM 6.5Latest release for on-premise or Managed Services,
Release Notes
2020AEM as a Cloud ServiceSaaS offer of AEM, Release Notes
History of AEM, formerly CQ or Communiqué


  1. Wikipedia – Day Software (German only)
  2. Adobe buys Day Software
  3. Adobe product EOL matrix
  4. Blog entry AEM History on AEM CQ5 Tutorials

My path into the AEM world started with a project based on Communiqué 4.2 and shortly after that I was involved in another project running Communiqué 3.5.6. The latter has been around until as late as 2021, spanning an impressive period of almost 20 years from it’s original release until retirement from the – presumably – last production platform.

While I have never touched or seen Communiqué 1 or 2, I still have 3.5.6 and 4.2 running on the old Windows XP laptop I used at that time. My current machine holds the heavily customized 3.5.6 from the above mentioned project (including a lot of back-ported cutting-edge features from Communiqué 4) and every CQ/AEM version starting with 5.3 up to the latest 6.5. Still looking to complete my collection with the missing version 5.0 to 5.2, though.

Some other Day CQ melancholy (all Internet Archive links) that may bring up some memories if you were involved with the earlier versions of CQ: from 2010 (Screenshot from: Internet Archive)

Thanks for reading and have a great ⚫ D a y !

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