A photo of me, Markus
The AEM guy with the beard.

This is m@rkus and you are looking at my personal knowledge base around Adobe Experience Manager, short: AEM. This blog serves as my personal journal as well as a link list and knowledge store to relieve my forgetful mind. Hopefully, it may also help others to improve their work and knowledge with regards to AEM.

I am working as a Senior Technical Architect at Adobe, but have been working as a consultant for AEM long before I joined the company. I’ve been involved in AEM projects for more than 15 years now, even back in the days, when the content management system was still called Communiqué, CQ and later CQ5. During my career I have covered nearly all technical roles that are involved in any typical AEM project: starting from frontend and backend development through classic operations, modern Dev(Sec)Ops, coaching and mentoring up to my current role of an architect covering multiple Adobe solutions and technical architecture in general. While trying to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in AEM and its Cloud Services, I have been supporting a platform still running Day Communiqué 3.5.6 in production as late as 2021 over a span of more than 10 years. I am an Adobe Certified Master – Adobe Experience Manager Sites Architect, an Adobe Employee Advisor on the Experience League community and TOGAF certified enterprise architect.

Disclaimer: This is my personal blog and not related to my employer or any other party. These are my own personal views, opinions and experiences and they do not necessarily conform to or reflect Adobes positions. This blog is a private pet project and I’m not drawing any financial profit from it.

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I have been active on Twitter in the past but will post future content to Mastodon only. You are also welcome to connect on XING and LinkedIn.